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Your Local Firewood Supplier

Enviroqube is your local supplier of top quality Blue Gum firewood. Sourced from sustainable plantations within Victoria, processed through a quality controlled operation and delivered with a smile, we are proud to stand behind our product. Servicing Officer, Pakenham, Garfield, Bunyip and surrounding districts.

As well as the domestic market, we also specialise in the supply of custom sized and kiln dried wood for the food and hospitality industry. We understand that moisture content and wood size is crucial to managing temperature, humidity and smoke in wood fire ovens and open fires in public dining areas. With our onsite industrial kiln and wood processors, we can ensure your wood is fit for purpose every time. 

Blue gum firewood on fire
Firewood association of Australia membership logo

Officially Sustainable

We abide by the Code of Practice for Commercial Firewood Suppliers to protect, enhance and improve the long-term sustainability of the Australian firewood industry and ensure a top quality product for our customers.


1 cube of bluegum firewood
1 wheelie bin of blugum firewood
1 Bag of blue gum firewood

Firewood by the cube

For those who fire frequently

If you rely on firewood for heating, or fire up frequently, buying Blue Gum by the cubic meter is the most economical.

Firewood by the bin

For those who fire a bit

If you fire up a few times a month, buying Blue Gum by the wheelie bin is more economical than buying by the bag. We can either tip the wood out or leave you with the bin, just contact us for a refill when ever you need it. 
Bins are also great for those who have limited place to store wood. You can leave the bins outside knowing the wood will remain dry and ready to use.

Firewood by the bag

For the occasional fire

For those who occasionally spark up the  fire pit, open fire or pizza oven, our 15kg bags of double split Blue Gum are very convenient. We hand pack our bags to ensure you get the highest quality timber. Our bags are over packed to a minimum of 16kg to ensure you are never short changed.

Bulk kindling firewood
Bulk firewood products


Get things started

We offer our in-house produced 5kg bags of untreated raw pine to help get things started. Be sure to grab a bag with your order.

Catering, Events and Hospitality

Customised to meet your needs

Do you operate a wood fire oven in a restaurant, have an open fire in your public dining area, or holding an event that needs firewood? Have you suffered from inconsistent quality or unreliable service when it comes to your fire wood supply? We can help, contact us today to discuss your needs. 

Bulk Products

Wholesale Products

Enviroqube and our partners offer bagged firewood and kindling at wholesale prices. Minimum volumes apply. Products are compliant with the Firewood Association Of Australia standards. Contact us today to discuss your wholesale requirements. 

Price List

Cubic metre

  • $180

Includes local delivery

240L Wheelie Bin

  • $100 first bin

  • $80 refill

We can tip the bin or leave it with you. Bin remains our property.

15 KG Bags

  • $12.50 each


  • $10 each - 5kg bag

  • $2 per kg for large bags


  • Free within service area

  • $20 to $60 Surrounding areas

Timber Stacking


  • $10 (per bin)

Cubic meter​

  • $25 to $50 (Per Cube)

Plantation & Forestry Services

Safety, Compliance, Sustainability

Enviroqube offers various service to local planation and forest owners to ensure your asset doesn't become a liability. 

Every plantation is different and owners needs can vary significantly. We will work with you to ensure your plantation remains an asset and doesn't become a liability through mismanagement. 

  • Fire mitigation services

  • Fire protection requirement

  • Selected harvesting

  • Salvage felling

  •  Weed, pest and pathogen control

  • Access road maintenance

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