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Is Blue Gum a good firewood?

Yes, not only is it a great firewood, it is an environmentally friendly choice as it is harvested from sustainable managed plantations.

How does Blue Gum compare to Red Gum?

Blue Gum is denser than Red Gum and offers the same heat / volume ratio at a much better price. Check out this firewood comparison report (AG1150, Feb 2004, ISSN 1329-80622) published by the Department of Primary Industries (now known as Agriculture Victoria).

How do I pay?

The preferred method of payment is Cash On Delivery (COD) however we do provide mobile EFTPOS (1.4% surcharge)  and PayPal payment options.

When can you deliver?

Depending on how busy we are, we can usually deliver within a day or two. We are happy to deliver within our Service Area after hours and on weekends for no additional cost. If you need a delivery quickly, please let us know and we will do our best to help you out.

What's the go with the wheelie bins?

If you wish to borrow a wheelie bin to store our firewood, the fist bin load is $100 (+ delivery). For refills, or if you do not wish to borrow the bin, the cost is $80 (+ delivery). The cost difference is to cover maintenance of the bins and is not refundable. There is no minimum number of refills to order, however we will request the bin be returned if you haven't been in contact within 12 months. The bin remains the property of Enviroqube Firewood and must be retuned on request (we will come and pick it up) . If the bin is damaged (other than wear and tear) or is not returned on request, a fee of between $50 and $185 will be payable.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes, you can pick up your order by appointment from Tynong. We will contact you after you place your order to organise pick up or delivery.

Do you have quality control?

To ensure all firewood sold is ready to burn, we regularly measure the moisture content of wood using electrical resistance moisture meters. This is done periodically as the firewood is stored while curing, as we are packing bags / bins and also prior to delivery. If you have any issues with the quality of our product, please let your delivery driver know at the time of delivery as they are authorised to rectify the issue. If this isn't possible, please contact us asap.

Is your wood dry?

Our firewood is tested to ensure it meets industry regulations in relation to it's moisture content. In most cases the firewood delivered to you will be dry and ready to burn. In some cases, when delivering uncovered loads, there is a chance it may get wet during transport.

Do you do special orders?

 Yes, as we have full control over the harvesting and production of our firewood, we can produce a wide range of products to suit your needs. Just contact us for short cut lengths, triple split, sawdust, wood chips, mill ends, starter wood, timber rounds etc.

Do you supply commercial customers?

Yes, we supply a number of hotels, restaurants, caravan parks, service stations and other commercial businesses. We offer standing orders and stacking services to make things easy. Please let us know what you need, we are happy to help.

Do you offer payment plans?

We have a number of flexible interest free payment options for pensioners and venerable persons. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Do you offer discounts?

Standard per-order volume discounts are offered and are presented in our Price List.

We also offer volume based discounts for commercial and wholesale customers on a case by case basis.  

Why is Blue Gum a great option?

It burns as well as, if not better than Red Gum and is a significantly more environmentally friendly choice.  It is a sustainable plantation timber grown locally in Victoria. By choosing Enviroqube as your supplier, you can be sure you are getting high quality, sustainable firewood.

Where is Enviroqube?

Enviroqube operates from our plantation partners directly to you. This means you're not paying for the wood to be stored and minimises handling / delivery overheads. You can however pick up from a residential address in Tynong with an appointment.

Why choose Enviroqube ?

Enviroqube is a local supplier of high quality Blue Gum firewood. We source our firewood directly from plantation owners and have total oversite and control of harvesting, production, storage, packaging, handling and delivery to ensure the highest quality firewood.

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